BIZZ empowered and aligned with the higher self

The foundation of The Aligning Program is supported by The Eastern philosophies of The Tao Te Ching, The Eight Limbs of Yoga, as
well as a correlation with an unified structure of energy.

The Tao Te Ching founded Over 2,500 years ago is a practice of attainment, or to reach a state of empowerment and enlightenment through acceptance and unity. The Tao is a concept that life cannot be fully grasped, however the individual can choose to live with optimally with integrity and authenticity.

Yoga, a Hindu spiritual and ascetic discipline founded over 5,000 years ago. Eight Limbs path is a guide to live a meaningful and purposeful life, which includes breathing techniques, meditation, and specific postures, also known as asana


The Aligning Method

Teaches us the essential tools of mindfulness, care taking, balance and peace.

In the program we establish our intention with facilitated guidance needed to reach our goals with the support of breath work, and mediation to create self awareness.
The first stages will aid us in accessing the facts reliant on reality. We are given the opportunity to recognizing our attachments we have to a limited perceptive, in hope to be liberated from the obsessive fearful patterns of the mind.
Here we begin to understanding the intimate relationship with the Self. Progressing into our work we leap beyond the basic issues to discover the fundamental aspect of who we truly are... our authenticity.
Comprehending we are in unity with life and our totality is necessary for us to once again trust oneself, as well as discovering one’s life path.
Sessions will with help us recognize the principle component between our inner being the laws of energy with discussions of frequency, and the Threads that unify us.



Davis Park, Fire Island NY

The Aligning method differs from most empowerment technique. The approach is based on an intuitive relationship between participant and facilitator. The application of living optimally helps us reconnect with our natural sense of intuition, restore the body to its state of wholeness to heal, and reach enlightened.
Each and every one of us have a distinct need dependent on our life path. This knowledge heightens the capacity of the program, so it may be exclusively created for the individual.

Kathrine believes, we are all unique, therefore will need something more than the conventional aspects to approach our empowerment and the path to enlightenment.
Just imagine, if you knew your possible role in this universal, as well as emotional and mental shift. It is vital we have this discovery, only then will our life begin to unfold in a state of excellence with abundance and Infinite Possibilities

To do this we first must Align with our highest intelligence, or also known as the Higher-Self.




Did you know peace is our natural state of being? We choose stimulants in our daily lives, which take us away from this place of peace. Along our journey we gave our peace away for excitement or anxiety. These feelings may not feel the same, nonetheless excitement and anxiety are based on the same rise and fall of our emotions.

Today, how far are you from the center of the peace circle, the center of the circle is where peace resides.As we make choices throughout our lives it is important we choose with a clear intention, and a lucid intuition.

We can only do this when we are in our “center” seeing and feeling all things from a neutral standpoint.
In the Aligning method this is called centered, neutral or peace.

It is said the universal consciousness is linked to the Higher-Self. They share a unique language, communicating through a vibration felt at the heart center.
When we begin to live authentically, it becomes apparent we must learn to trust the Self, as well as follow the heart.