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A note from Kathrine:
It’s intense to think we live in a multi-dimension universe on a small planet in unity with lots of human beings. I realize we all need to be reminded sometimes.
It’s vital we have awareness and recognize our personal experiences, yes the ones that bring us right here, right now walking a similar path on the place we call home, planet Earth. We need to take pride in our triumph, however there will be conflict and disputes, this should not be a reason to ever question our authentic self. It makes it all real. When we look back on the whole story of our lives we will acknowledge the individual unique journey we've chosen.

I have a firm belief; when we are living with integrity and authenticity we reconnect to the Higher- self, and the heart center to help us communication our superior intelligence.
This is ultimate empowerment.
Even though, we may become overwhelmed at times knowing how influential our thoughts and words can be. We will need to select them wisely. Remember, we will always have a rite to choose any road, my wish for you it will be the path to peace.
I believed I was happy, and felt like a successful young business owner, but of course no matter how life appears we will all have our personal challenges.
Adversity had touched my life so many times seizing that hard to hold onto state of peace, certainty and happiness. Left feeling unsettled, unfulfilled, although on the surface life was unfolding perfectly, it simple didn’t feel right.
Something had been loss.

My question was; how could I find what I didn’t even know was missing...

I attempted to resolve the issues challenging me, the need to rediscovered my peace and the tools to deal with life’s misfortunes was at the forefront of my mind. It was my diligent practice of The Tao, yoga, and awareness of my choices where I began to see the threads, and emotional links to my conditioning and emotional struggle. Fortunately, my travels to Sedona, AZ helped me in finding the next stage of my practice, well, I suppose life too. This lead to many heart warming and life altering experiences, as it became transparent when I accessed my yoga practice, mediation and breath work, I felt secure, and the clarity I needed to make healthy decision had returned, Feeling Inspired by the liberating weeks spent with the red rocks out west I was reminded of the fundamental knowledge we have all we need with in us. I realized the program needed to be created, with awareness of the mind, body and higher intelligence broaden, playing a key role in my interest of researching Quantum physics, and relationship to an omnipresence.
This amazing journey bought forward the Living Aligned manuscript, and expand the Aligning method, establishing the belief; one day the link that lies between you and I, the Universal consciousness and science will merge, becoming apparent we are all linked as one.


The Aligning Practice

What transpires within the sessions begins a profound shift of awareness back to the true Self. Beginning to see where we invest our energies and grasp the power of choice, our true motivation will be revealed, which may be linked the past, or a present situation. We reflect upon the agreements in hope to find our devotion. Discovering our intention and develop healthy goals. We will learn to trust, one of the most important decision we will make, which may lead to accessing our intuition and the universal flow of transformation. The insight will awaken our authentic state, so we may live freely to build a life based in truth and unconditional love.

Our ultimate reality begins unfolds, where all beings are complete, and infinite possibilities are the only option.
To do this we must first Align with the higher self.



Word Work:




Eight Second Rule


Peace Circle


Motion Mind Movement Method


Three Levels of Trust


Frequency & Energy


• Journey to the higher self

• Compassionate Healing Session

• Aligning with the Higher Self

An unique experience custom created for the client. One or more of services may not be you life in the program
This is a unique experience that is custom created for the client.
One or more of the services may not be utilized in the program

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Living Aligned Workshop: Two Day

Aligning with Peace
Aligning with Trust

Aligning Certification:
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